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Learn to use Adfly to Make Money Online

Hey there, if you are looking at making money online, then one cool way to do so is with AdFly. Yes, with AdFly, all you need to do is share the link you have generated with audiences who will click on it, and voilà you earning meter starts running. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Surely, you know about link shorteners like Bit.ly and Goo.gl. If you haven’t well then, people use them for shortening long web links so that they can use their links conveniently in their social messaging and their posts so that their messages don’t look too cluttered with long links. So, essentially yes, link shorteners serve people’s convenience and nothing much. However, Adfly is one such weblink shortener that also pays you when someone clicks on links shortened using Adfly. Let’s see how you can make money with Adfly by creating an Adfly account.

1. Using Adfly on YouTube

If you are a YouTuber who has good followership, then you can use links on your YouTube videos that link back to your blog or website and making money online. YouTube has humungous traffic from visitors who want to know about almost anything. Fashion, DIY hacks, organic recipes, hairstyling, gaming, and you name it. If you are a popular YouTuber then you can make money with Adfly by embedding Adfly links in your videos. Another way is to comment on other’s videos practically and insert an Adfly link there. However, you should take care not to waste the audience’s time so that they don’t associate your YouTube identity with that of a time-waster and spammer.

2. Adfly for downloadable content

One awesome and sure way you can make money with Adfly is through using Adfly created links. People appreciate free literature and online resources. So, an excellent way to making money online is to monetize any such downloadable content you may want your audiences to access. What better way than sharing your free downloadable resources through Adfly links? Think of it, the more the people click the link, you land up making incremental money with each click.

3. Adfly Links for education or redirection

A very useful way you can deploy short links is when you want to link your message or article to another site/page which supports what you are sharing with people. Story-tellers have an amazing way of arousing people’s interest and a fantastic way to make your stories credible are, by redirecting your audiences to legit sources for whatever you are telling them. Simply use Adfly created links for such redirection or education and you will make money with Adfly.

4. Using Adfly links in Forums and Online Groups

Many of us are part of online groups and forums. Often such forums have a long of topics that are debated and discussed. You too can participate with your point of view and make money online. Use this opportunity to make use of Adfly links to guide other people in the discussion thread to plausible information. People always have high regard for those who support their statements/claims/ideas with information on trustworthy public domains. A neat way for you to establish your credibility as a speaker and also make money with Adfly without having to sweat much about it.

You can also make a website, rank it on Google with SEO, and redirect your audience using adfly to earn more money.

So, the above four tips could be a great way to start your journey about creating links through Adfly. Even if you aren’t much of a speaker/debater/storyteller, you still have ample scope by using these links in your posts on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and similar media. Hope we have been able to give you clarity about how you can make money with Adfly. Roll ahead and create your Adfly account right away!