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Make Money by Developing Simple Apps

In present times, reaching out to people cannot be more effective than digital avenues. This is where apps help companies in keeping in touch with their customers – for both sales and customer management. Apps are also used for entertainment. Having said this, there is plenty of scope to make money by making an App.

Over the last few years, usage of apps has almost doubled with people opting for apps to shop not just apparels and accessories, but a lot more; recent trends being apps for daily supplies, medicines, food, fitness tracking, etc., which is helping developers make money by making an App. Even gaming apps are becoming increasingly popular because of the way they engage users. If you are an app maker (you don’t need to be a hi-level programmer), you can really make money online by making an app. Especially, given the rate at which online consumption is growing, you can make amazing money by making apps.

Tips on how you can make money by making an App

We just spoke about how online consumption is increasing. If you want to create an app, you first want to explore app stores like Google Play and App Store to check out the most popular apps being used. Quite some of these could also be apps you use. You can either create an app basis your creativity and analyzing demand for such an app or if you are not a creative genius, you could also begin by creating apps, having features that make existing apps look obsolete. Here are some tips on how you can make money online by creating apps.

1. Planning your App Design

It is important you think of an effective app design so that your app naturally attracts users. First, your app needs to deliver value – Who are your intended target audience? What purpose is this app going to serve? What will you name it, so that it is found easily? How is the app user-friendly? How responsive will you be towards bugs? These are some questions you need to ask yourself when you set out if you want to make money by making an App.

2. Monetizing your App

Depending on the type of app you have designed, there are several ways you could consider to make money online from it. Apps that offer service often offer a trial period post which they charge a fee or you could make money through sponsorships if your app is for some niche audience. So let’s look at some of the ways you can make money by making an App.

3. Develop your App and Sell It

You can simply develop your App and then sell it to developers for a price, to make money online. Alternatively, you can list it on Google Play or the Apple App Store for a certain fee on a revenue-sharing basis, which you can check on their respective sites.

4.  Price your App after a period

Initially, you might want to offer your App for free, and eventually, after the user base builds up, you might want to introduce a small fee with some advanced feature, so that your users feel they are getting value. An excellent way to make money online.

5. Offer a Subscription Model

You can offer your app for free, however, also list extra value-add services under a premium section which can be subscribed to. You will be surprised how you make money by making an App when customers opt for subscription models once they experience your app and determine their usage.

6. Sell your App space to Advertisers

When your user base increases, you can make money online by approaching advertising agencies or even companies, and check out what deals you can get for advertising their products in your app, by way of running strips and banners.

7. Consider In-App Purchase

While your app may be free, you could look at incorporating in-app purchases for your products (where you get to keep the revenue) or other brands that you recommend (where you can get commission or split revenue). Yet another way to make money online.

Finding app development hard? Maybe try web development! You can use the same techniques and money by making websites as a freelancer.

Of all these techniques, you could consider anyone or perhaps a combination to come up with the best way to monetize your app and make handsome earnings.