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How Dropshipping Works | Make Money with Dropshipping

For those of you who are online geeks and manage to source everything online, then you can take your skills to an all-new level and also make money online with it. For quite some of you who buy groceries to gadgets, all online, then you could consider dropshipping as a lucrative business after doing a bit of market research.

Dropshipping is a high-potential online business you can consider so that you can make money online. In dropshipping you need to source from a supplier (preferably wholesale, so that you make decent margins) and then you make these goods available to the general public through your website. All that you need to do is have a business idea about what do you want to sell? And this is something that you should do some research about so that you can make money with dropshipping. Let’s check out how to go about it.

1. Set up your website

To start selling you need to have a presence online. Keep in mind that an e-commerce portal is different from a standard website and needs features like being able to showcase your products and product descriptions effectively enough so that it catches attention. One of the best e-commerce platform suppliers that help you make money online, is Shopify. It is a simple platform with easy-to-use features, which will help you get started with your website in no time, helping you make money with dropshipping.

2. Research Products you want to Dropship

As a dropshipper, you don’t want to be selling anything and everything. That way your site can look clustered and chaotic – often even discouraging to customers. Firstly, research which products have a good demand – you could pick anything from clothing, pet supplies, vegan food supplements, or jewelry. There’s simply a lot you choose from to make money with dropshipping. However, be conscious of picking products where profit margins are good enough for you. Once you firm up on your products/product lines, then it’s time to showcase them online so that you can begin to make money online.

3. Consider adding value to your products

If you are up to it, you can earn more if you can make your products stand out. Instead of reselling a product as it is, a couple of things that can help you earn better margins on the products you will dropship is by adding some value to them. So, what all can you do?

Well, here are some ways you can increase the value of your products so that you can charge a nominal mark up and make money online.

·     Customization – see if you can customize ready goods that you get from wholesalers. People are willing to pay higher when they see they can get something different from the standard product available in the marketplace.

·     Recurring sales – if you are dropshipping consumables then you might want to consider offering a subscription option on your site. For a monthly subscription, you can offer discounted rates encouraging subscription sales to happen, which will help you regularly make money with dropshipping.

·     Blog related – if you happen to have a blog targeted at a particular audience then you might want to pick products that relate to such a target audience. It will naturally encourage sales from your dropship site and help you make money with dropshipping.

4. Scout for Wholesalers/Manufacturers

As a dropshipper, you surely will need to keep volumes of products that you showcase on-site. So, you surely want to get the best rates possible which you can do so when you buy from wholesalers. Better still, you can buy directly from the manufacturer too, if there are no limitations and if you can stock volumes. Prompt order fulfilments will help you make money with dropshipping consistently.

Once you have the above steps in place you will be able to confidently run your dropshipping business and make money online. All you need to ensure is you have it planned well – the products, the suppliers, your website, and of course the price.

5. Sell Your Products

Now you might be wondering how should you sell your products? The easiest and most reliable way to do this is using SEO. With the help of SEO, you can rank for your keywords and generate organic and sustainable traffic on your website.