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Earn Passively by making Facebook Groups [Complete Guide]

If you are one great Facebook networker, then this one is just for you. Have you ever thought about the fact that you could make money online with your Facebook reach? If you are an ardent FB member and happen to have a good following, then there are some cool ways you can make money on Facebook.

As a Facebook member, you surely must have noticed several groups. You probably have even joined some of these? Now, what caused you to join a specific group. Of course, you must have observed the objective of the group and who form the majority of its members, what activities are done in that group, and how it benefits you. Indeed, people join groups that are interesting and benefit them in several ways. Let us help you understand how you can make money with Facebook Group Memberships.

Tips to monetize your Facebook reach through Group Memberships

The benefit of groups and marketing in groups is immense. However, just because a group is formed, it doesn’t automatically start generating money. Group owners need to have a plan on monetizing their Facebook Group strength.


1. Plan your Group objective

If you intend to make money with Facebook Group Memberships, you need to plan your Facebook group well. Your FB group’s objective has to be an attractive one that encourages people to join. Here, you need to do a bit of research to find out if the group you have in mind is common or not, has a demand or not. So, visit other groups to observe their content and structure. Once you have done some preliminary research, there are several ideas you could form a group about. For example, you could make a group for animal lovers or music lovers or something else. However, whatever your objective, you need to make sure that over some time, you can make money online from it soon.

2. Your Facebook Group needs to be active

To make money with Facebook Group Memberships, you need an active group. What will keep your Facebook group growing and increasing your potential of monetizing it? It is the activity levels of your group. The more active a group is, the more likely they will visit it regularly because they find it interesting. How do you make a group active? Obviously, your posts have to be interesting. Sometimes, you could roll out contests, invite stories, do an opinion poll on recent events, etc.

3. Affiliate Marketing on your Facebook Group

Given the theme and objective, you could promote several things in an active and membership-strong Facebook Group. To make money online, one of the easiest things to do is to create a couple of affiliate marketing accounts. So, you might want to begin with some popular and trustworthy brands like Amazon Affiliates and you can easily make money with Facebook Group Memberships. Now, a point to be noted here is that you should be careful not to post just any affiliate link. Your affiliate link needs to relate to your Facebook Group objective. Say for example, in a music-oriented Facebook group you would want to promote DVDs or musical instruments to your group members and not cosmetics!

Also, check how to use SEO to boost affiliate marketing via website!

4. Introduce a small membership fee

When your group becomes substantially big and the frequency of membership requests increases, there is another way you can make money online. Consider introducing a small membership fee, which is not too heavy on the members’ pocket but good enough for you as dormant earnings! This way you will be able to make money with Facebook Group Memberships. Also, when you introduce a fee, you are bound to get fairly serious members and not the hanky-panky types. So your chances of earning through your previous channel of affiliate marketing are far better with a serious crowd vs. just anyone.

5. Charge a fee for Group Members to advertise in the Group

As your group keeps growing larger, people surely will have several things to share and even promote. So, why let anyone promote their products without taking a cut of the proceeds? So, this too becomes an interesting way for you to make money with Facebook Group Memberships. You could either have an upfront fee as advertising charges or you could take a percentage of the sales proceeds as your cut and make money online.

No matter which of the above tips you deploy, you are bound to make money with Facebook Group Memberships. All you have to ensure is to progress gradually with your membership count, get serious about the membership, and then monetize your Facebook membership strength. As you deploy these tips step by step, you are bound to make money online easily.