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How to Make Money On Gumroad

Hey there you creative geniuses, what’s your niche? Whether you are creative with your writing, designing, music, film-making, app making, et al, then, Gumroad is the place for you to showcase it. With Gumroad, you can make money online, by selling your creative outputs. You can sell everything, right from physical goods to digital downloads. Even pre-orders, licensed products, membership services, monthly subscriptions, and the likes can be listed with equal ease. In fact, why don’t you simply visit gumroad.com to understand the type of products and services they list. Once you do, you will get a variety of ideas that you can leverage on to monetize your creative skills.

Once you satisfy yourself about how Gumroad works, the next thing you should evaluate is what you would like to offer to audiences on Gumroad’s platform. Once you have decided that, there are a whole lot of benefits you can gain and which will help you make money with Gumroad. Let’s check these out.

  • High Volume of online traffic

With their great online digital footprint month on month, Gumroad can display your products/services to a great number of online visitors who are regular there. Whether you are a novel writer or want to offer a niche newsletter on a monthly subscription, list your product/service on Gumroad by creating an online account, and make money with Gumroad.


  • Make use of Gumroad’s Affiliate Program

Gumroad has its own set of affiliates and with these, you can market your products/services to a wider range of audiences. Simply review which affiliate programs are most suited to your products/services, and accordingly promote your products through optimal affiliates to make money online. This way you don’t have to bother with any third party promotion tools and can optimize on in-house tools. Another way to make money through an affiliate program is, to rank your website using SEO and placing your affiliate links on your site to earn some extra cash!


  • Use Gumroad’s Email Marketing Platform

Gumroad also happens to have a robust emailing platform to help its users make money online. With the help of it’s emailing infrastructure, you can send your followers and subscribers newsletters, updates, launches, and promotions. This way you can keep your base of customers and subscribers engaged and gradually make money with Gumroad.


  • Product Showcasing simplified

With an easy-to-use interface and features, you can upload your products with a click. Moreover, you can create product files or links which you can share with your audiences to promote them. This is the first step to make money online on any platform.


  • Customizable Sales Page designs

High on digital drive, Gumroad is one such platform that offers it’s users great options for sales pages. To make money with Gumroad, you can easily create highly convertible sales pages, which is the ultimate thing any seller needs. So you can now rest assured that you will get some of the best sales page options at Gumroad, taking off any worry about designing a good sales page and helping you to make money online.


  • Retarget your online visitors

Gumroad indeed is a mile ahead than many online retailers. It allows it’s users to make use of tracking pixels which will help you retarget your online visitors. Retargeting is a known market strategy for higher conversions, thereby helping you earn and make money with Gumroad.

No matter what creative niche you bring, Gumroad is a promising and diverse platform allowing you to sell almost anything that is a unique creation delivering value. Moreover, it relieves you of things like having your website, server space, external marketing, etc. Now all you need to do is focus on your niche and ensure great products/services that audiences will like and subscribe to. Once you have a healthy subscription base or even followers, you can make money online by offering special value-adds at a nominal price, which isn’t too heavy on the pocket. Explore ways to create subscription products that will help you make money with Gumroad. Are you ready?