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Make Money By Suggesting Names on Squadhelp

If you happen to be creative with ideas and names, then this one is just for you! Squadhelp is a site for creative thinkers, who come up with innovative and super business names, logo ideas, and designs and make money online.

Squadhelp, just like the name suggests is a squad or team of helpers, who help new businesses and startups pick a trendy name for their business. These businesses are willing to pay handsomely for your suggestions if they find it to be the right choice. So, if you are one creative geek, Squadhelp is just the place for you to join and make money online.

Tips to make money on Squadhelp

With Squadhelp focused on helping businesses find an apt brand name or logo design, you can make money online, if you can generate creative ideas and designs. Squadhelp as a platform has grown from the time it started in 2011, to offer not just company names and logo designs, but also tag lines, slogans, brands, and audience testing services. With so many options available, you surely can earn well and make money with Squadhelp.

1. Making money from naming contests

Squadhelp’s primary business is generating awesome business names. With a 75,000+ member base, they are a high potential innovative name generator and hence a very promising portal to several creative minds.

If you have the creative bug, then you can make money online by participating in the naming contests they have daily, having prizes anywhere from $100 – $300. Submit your entries by selecting contests that are more tuned to your liking so that you can submit your best entries and stand a chance to win and make money with Squadhelp’s naming contests.

2. Making money from slogan contests

Very similar to naming contests, Squadhelp has slogan contests too, where you can make money online. Slogans are of different types and need to be catchy. They can be rhyming or funny or plain hard-hitting. For example, Good food, good life (Nestlé), Tide’s in – Dirt’s Out (Tide), are catchy; while MasterCard’s slogan ‘There are some things money can’t buy.

For everything else, there’s MasterCard.’ is a great example of hard-hitting types. So, before you set out to draft your slogan suggestion, you should spend some time researching the company and/or the brand you are planning the slogan for. The better you can convey the thought behind your slogan, the higher are the chances of your entry being accepted and you can make money with Squadhelp’s slogan contests.

 3. Making money from logo contests

For those of you who are awesome with designing, their logo design contests can help you make money with Squadhelp. Browse through a range of logo design contests on Squadhelp’s site and opt for the ones you can strongly relate to because of your background or hobby.

The more you can correlate, the better is your ability to come up with creative ideas and designs and make money online. Do study the company’s background and also other industry players to see if you observe prominence of specific colors/shades. You might also want to check out on competitor logos just to ensure that your design doesn’t resemble theirs, else your design might fall short of appeal.

Once you give it your best shot, also share a brief explanation as to what the design stands for and how it relates to the company’s objective and theme. If your explanation is persuasive and your design impressive enough, then you stand high chances of winning the contest prize, and can make money with Squadhelp’s logo contests, with earnings right up to $300!

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Whether you are creative with your writing i.e. company/brand names, taglines, slogans, or whether you are more inclined towards awesome designs, Squadhelp is a super option for you to make money online. Sign up today and you can make with Squadhelp positively!