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Creative Way to Make Money Online on YouTube with TikTok

Hey there, wassup? Today, we are going to explore how you can make money online with TikTok. Within a few months of its launch, TikTok has gone absolutely viral amongst children and youth. The latest videos also indicate that middle-aged folks too are taken up with TikTok in a great way. Conceptually, while TikTok was launched as an app for creating short videos. Since it’s launch, it is being used humongously for entertainment and fun as well as to monetize people’s creativity! Yes, people do make money with TikTok.

If you are one creative geek who loves taking selfie pics and videos then there’s a lot you can do with TikTok. In fact, it is a fantastic app for you to deploy for influencer marketing. Influencer marketers typically influence audiences through YouTube videos or Instagram posts or even Pinterest pin-ups. TikTok is a fantastic app with which you can make money online by promoting instantly created videos or excerpts from your YouTube videos. If you are wondering how to make money with TikTok, just read on.

1. Sign up on TikTok

The very first thing you need to do is create your TikTok profile. Make it interesting and give the right tags which will attract audiences to visit your profile. Keep in mind that if you want to make money online with TikTok, then you have to focus on increasing your followership on TikTok. The more followers, the higher your chances of being able to earn and make money with TikTok.

2. Be Creative and Interesting

People like creative and interesting stuff. So what if you are not creative? Let that not worry you. One of the most popular ways TikTok users are gaining fame is by producing content that is trending and which has already caught up the audience’s interest in a huge way. It could be a song, film dialogue, just something whacky or some really tough feat. TikTok is mainly used as an influencing platform. So long as you can generate interest through your videos you should be able to make money with TikTok.

3. Link your YouTube channel to your TikTok profile

Explore the settings on your TikTok profile and you will see an option to link your YouTube page to your TikTok profile. By linking your YouTube account to your TikTok profile you will be able to gain increased viewership of your YouTube followers as well and make money online. Remember, with any social media platform you can only make money with increased followership.

4. Gain more followers

With interesting content, your videos will get viewed by more and more people. With increased views, you will get higher rankings on organic search traffic, which will help you make money with TikTok. So, when your videos get a higher ranking on TikTok featured videos, you naturally register in people’s minds.

5. Approach and get approached by Brands

Once you have a substantial number of followers then you stand a good potential to be a marketing influencer and make money online. It is a common thing for brands to approach marketing influencers when they see that a profile features in high ranks on TikTok. If you are an existing online media marketer, then even you can approach brands online by sharing your profile and showing how you can help them by showcasing their brand to your followers.

You can also make your merch and sell it on your website! Simple hire a web development agency with a little investment and you are ready to sell your merch to a broader audience.

So, if you want to make money online, follow the above steps you will be able to gradually become popular on TikTok and you can then leverage your popularity to promote well-known or new brands depending upon the type of followers you have. Considering that TikTok allows for video capture of up to 15 seconds, you simply need to ensure you capture creative content in those 15 seconds. Put on your thinking hat and make something original or check out hordes of trending songs, videos, sitcoms, and you surely will get something that you can come up with. Boost your creative self and make money with TikTok.