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Creative Ways to Make Money With Twitter

Ever wondered how to make money using your Twitter account? Surely, you must have seen some Twitter accounts having loads of comments, likes, dislikes? It must be amazing to get the attention of so many Twitter-rites. Smart people monetize their Twitter account after they realize that they have a substantial number of followers and who regularly engage in their posts. Such people make money with Twitter.

Needless to say, Twitter is one of the world’s largest online social media platforms and is a promising avenue to make money online. With over 500 million tweets a day, Twitter can gladly boast about being the highest social media engager for most; given this, you can make money with Twitter. With such a powerful presence and daily engagement, who wouldn’t want to capitalize on using their Twitter account for making money? So, how does one go about it? Any thoughts? Well, for those of you who want to earn and make money online through your Twitter accounts, listen on and we’ll tell you how.

Enrich and Power up your profile, to make money with Twitter

You will agree that the tweets you are following have the power or the excitement to have caught your eye. Besides the tweet itself, what caught your eye initially? The Twitter profile page. Your Twitter profile page should be designed attractively to include concise information about what it is that you do and offer. What is your value proposition and how it can benefit people if they follow you? A great profile pic is an awesome start. Next, think of a catchy/trendy profile name and Twitter handle. Go ahead and draft an engaging profile that gives your followers clarity about what you can do. You can then link this to your blog too, make money with Twitter.

Building and Growing your followers’ community

Twitter is all about follower engagement. Without engagement, a Twitter account is just another social media page that exists by itself and probably, friends. To be able to make money online using your Twitter account, you need to grow your followers there. Your best bet is to increase them gradually and organically, to help you make money with Twitter. And that can happen only when you are active on your Twitter account and can engage prospective followers by making regular and interesting posts, which will help you build and grow your follower loyalties

Making Money Online with Twitter through Affiliate Marketing

When you have a good volume of followers on Twitter then, there one of the interesting ways that you can make money online with your Twitter page is through Affiliate Marketing. There are several affiliate marketing networks the world over and to begin with, you can create accounts with different affiliation networks. Affiliate networks like Amazon, ShareaSale, eBay, etc. give you their product links that you can incorporate in your tweet, to make money online. If your fan engagement is strong, some of your followers will be influenced to purchase your promoted product, helping you make money from Twitter. 

Make money through Sponsored Tweets

If your fan following and engagement on Twitter is humungous, then you can approach big brands and companies to sponsor your tweets, to make money with Twitter. Yes! You heard that right. Say, for example, you are a fitness freak and your Twitter page is all about different workouts and exercises that you keep sharing with your followers. Given the size of your influence circle on Twitter, you can approach brands like Nike, Adidas, M-Blaze, Mi, and similar such fitness-related brands and approach them for sponsored tweets, to make money online. Alternatively, you can register yourself on online platforms like PaidperTweet or SponsoredTweets, where companies are constantly looking out for sponsoring tweets of famous Tweeters. A lot of many celebrities and non-celebrities earn handsomely from their sponsored tweets and so can you.

Boost sales for your Website/Blog

So many tweeters simply open an account to drive engagement and direct their engaged followers to their website or blog, a good alternative to SEO, where they list their offering. No matter what line of business you are into, you can always leverage your Twitter page to promote your products to your followers and to make money with Twitter. Any revenue through this avenue goes straight to your pocket with dual benefits – one, of course, is the money, and second is your brand awareness!

Whichever of the above methods you prefer, you need to keep in mind is just two simple things – creative, impressive content, and a continuous, growing audience of followers. So long as you ensure these, you can successfully make money with Twitter and keep expanding your Twitter followers circle.