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Make Money Everyday from Usertesting.com

Have you ever been paid for sharing your opinion and feedback? No? Well, here is your opportunity. Usertesting.com is a fantastic platform, where the company solicits feedback from its users about several customer interfaces such as apps, online tools, websites, prototypes, product/service experiences, and the likes.

Usertesting.com pays its members for sharing their genuine feedback and observations about their clients’ online products (website, order placing form, chatbot, etc…) as this are extremely helpful to their clients, especially their design teams. Often several applications and customer interfaces are not used by customers, despite these being available online on Google Play or the customers’ web portal. The biggest reason for users not wanting to use or opt for a given customer interface is because they find it cumbersome as against similar apps and experiences with competitor sites. So, as a pre-launch step, it makes a lot of sense for companies to get user feedback and observations about their online interfaces, which they easily get done through Usertesting.com. With Usertesting.com having a plethora of clientele, who regularly deploy their services, there is plenty of scope, for you to earn as a feedback giver and make money with Usertesting.com.

Tips on how to make money with Usertesting.com

Considering that Usertesting.com is a serious business, it is always looking for users with good assessment skills. So, if you have the knack of being a keen observer and make it a point to keep giving feedback to others so that they can improve, then here’s a beautiful opportunity where you can make money online and you simply shouldn’t miss.

1. Sign up on Usertesting.com

The first thing you do is visit Usertesting.com and sign up as a user. Once you do so you will receive a sample test and basis how you evaluate the sample and you will also get profiled before you can start to make money online. Once you are profiled on their system, then you will start receiving user tests as and when you qualify for their customers’ requirements.

2. Setting yourself up

Usertesting.com requires their users to download their software and then they keep sending you tests you qualify for. You will be able to view these on your dashboard. So, all you need is either a Windows PC, Mac, or Android phone and you can get started to make money online.

3. Good communication and Audio Quality in User reviews 

Before submitting your review, something that you should ensure is good audio quality. Not only that but even you need to speak fluent and clear English so that the audio evaluators can consider your test submission and not disqualify it. Besides just being correct about language, you also need to expressive to convey your point effectively. So, ensure good communication and good quality if you want to make money with Usertesting.com.

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 4. Earning with Usertesting.com

Once you have registered with Usertesting.com, you will receive tests based on your profile and if your profile qualifies for the several client interface tests. Most of the tests that Usertesting.com offers are priced anywhere between $3 – $60, so given that tests are all of a different variety you can expect to make $10- $15 on an average per test, which is really cool for you to make money with Usertesting.com.

We hope the above tips have helped you understand the potential that Usertesting.com holds for you and how you can make money online. You can share this option with more people in your family, helping them earn too, and increasing the earnings in your household. Usertesting.com is all about user reviews and they surely appreciate users from across categories of users. This way not only you but your family members too can make money with Usertesting.com.