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Making Money with Content Writing Made Simple

Content writing is big money if taken up seriously. People are making millions, with content writing. This is one area in which you can grow from the comfort of your house, or wherever else you can get your mind to focus and concentrate. All you need is the internet, (not necessarily high-speed), a basic laptop, and loads of awareness on how to go about squeezing stuff from your mind on to your screen. So, how do you make money with content writing? Well, whether you decide to take it up as a full-time profession or part-time job, there’s ample scope to do well and make money online. All you need to know the places where you can earn your money. Here’s a list of some of the most promising platforms that offer loads of content writing work across niches.


A great place where freelance content writers meet content marketing experts and clients with several types of content writing requirements. Upwork allows writers to bid for projects matching their skills, paying them anywhere from $10 – $200 depending on what needs to be written. Whether professional or amateur, build your profile and get recognized for your work as well as make money online. What you need to keep in mind is you need to be patient to be able to make money with content writing.


Finding prospects and writing tasks has been made easy with FlexJobs. Not just any other job search site, FlexJobs has quite some filtering tools which will help you get your kind of job at the right price too! Simply sign up to get access to writing assignments that suit your niche and make money online. Though a paid platform, subscribing here ensures highly credible tasks, a higher level of revenue, and certainty of getting paid to help you make money with content writing skills.


If you are an absolute beginner at content writing, making money can’t get any easier. All you need is the zeal to write and iWriter, and you can make money online. Ideal for the beginner, iWriter offers a simple step-by-step registration process. Simply create your profile by filling in your details in an online form and complete the writer prompts of 250-word each. Towards the end, you will have your results and accordingly, you will be given options to bag your first assignment based on your level. At iWriter, there’s always something for every aspiring writer wanting to make money with content writing.


A one-stop-shop for freelancers, Freelancer.com has a widespread reach and is globally acclaimed. Writers can get projects here, right from small businesses to big corporate giants. As a content writer, you can make money online, either by getting one time tasks or continuous projects. In fact, many writers have paved their way to success by getting retainer work by impressing clients and getting work regularly, which serves as a steady income source. Many writers on Freelancer.com started with getting adhoc one time projects and now are full-fledged established freelancers who make money with content writing.


Wanna make new clients and develop your skills to make money online? Look no further. Textbroker is your gateway to getting clients and to improving your skills. Loaded with features like project and payment management tools that help both ways – increasing work efficiency and effective client management. The good news is that signing up is free. You get access to a considerable amount of writing work here, helping you make money with content writing.

Another skill to learn with content writing is web development. Why just write content, when you can provide a fully developed website and charge much more!

The brighter side is that Textbroker also develops your skills over a while, making your writing effective, with regular, constructive feedback.

So, what’s holding you up? Go ahead, take the plunge, and make money online. Explore the suggested platforms to discover your niche in content writing. Also, while you are at it, you could take a look at a few other sites like Writer Access and Constant Content that will increase your scope to make money with content writing.