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7+ Years of Experience
7+ Years of Experience
30+ Happy Clients

30+ Happy Clients

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We’re literally called ‘Baclinc’ (Backlink) We’re The SEO Agency that delivers. Let’s talk about it. 


Industry Specialisation

We have been doing SEO from the time when it was just stuffing keywords and ranking overnight. SEO has evolved over time, and we have always managed to rank on top.


Scientific Approach

SEO is a science, and our team is a group of scientists who can dissect the algorithm and build strategies that work. We know what to do as well as what not to do. Tried and Tested.


Data Driven

It comes down to the fundamentals, and we have nailed that part. We have a checklist of the factors that Google cares about and ranks your website based on.

End-to-end SEO Services

Being one of the top SEO companies in Mumbai, we believe there is a solution to any problem. We combine our passion and dedication with the right technology and tools to learn how your audience engages with your website.

We follow a comprehensive and analytical approach to our SEO process, covering all areas of the service.

Technical SEO

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Niche-Specific SEO

Local SEO

Amazon SEO

Shopify SEO

Ecommerce SEO

Backlink Building

Youtube SEO

Content Optimisation

Google Penalty Recovery

Unmatched Expertise in SEO services and digital Marketing

Baclinc was started by bloggers whose life mission was to build and rank websites to make money off them before the company's inception.

We're nerds who live and breathe SEO. Our team hold experience working across keywords and industries in this space and over 7+ years of experience.

Clear Reporting & High Quality Output

We love data, and we want to make you friends with it, too, so we share every piece of SEO data about your site with you keeping total transparency. This practice and our experience force us to create high-quality output, whether it be backlinks or content.

We make sure it matches our high-quality standards before delivery. Our SEO services are based on intensive research and study. One of the merits of choosing us is that you get solutions to your concerns based on

Extensive & Analytical Research

We study the nature of your website engagement and provide extensive SEO services which help your business to rank in search results.

The quality and strategic SEO layouts rendered by our highly skilled team has been the reason for Baclinc’s success and has resulted in Baclinc becoming the best SEO company in Mumbai.

Proactiveness & Reliability

We're the people you can count on. We know how to keep our clients and algorithms, and Google crawlers happy. We are always willing to go the extra mile and secure a win for our clients.

At Baclinc, we believe that our success is only measured by your success. Our team always searches for more opportunities to improve your business and reach its full potential.

Baclinc Reports

Industries We Have Ranked Keywords For.

We’re always ready to dive headfirst into any industry. We don’t shy away from competing on new grounds; over the past 7 Years in SEO, we have worked across sectors, building websites and ranking the toughest to the most accessible keywords. We have tested the waters across the following industries, to name a few. Our clients range from Mumbai to around the world.


Interior Design



Tech Startups





and more.

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Why Us?

Why choose Baclinc for SEO?

Located in the financial heart of India, Baclinc provides services across India and World at large. Baclinc provides a ladder; it becomes a ladder for your business to help it climb above the competition. We are a team that works WITH you. We aim to change the Digital Marketing paradigm with our unique approach, process-oriented execution, dedication and integrity. Baclinc is very keen on the courage it takes to be a startup and has been providing intensive SEO services and integrated marketing consultancy to startups and small companies and has helped them succeed many times over, and we always strive for excellence.

What our clients have to say

Our Happy Clients

Best SEO Services in Mumbai

SEO is possibly the best investment you can make in your business. Search Engine Optimisation can become the secret that puts you ahead of your competitors and helps you scale your business to new heights. SEO Services are just different from any other marketing channel. You don’t have to pay for each lead; you build a consistent flow of clients coming to you in volumes through Google Search. 

You need people with expertise to help you get the Best SEO Skills, and we’re the face of SEO in Mumbai. We are the company that was built to deliver this service effectively to our beloved city!

What makes us the top SEO company in Mumbai?

Baclinc runs many in-house publications and websites for experiment purposes that help us keep up to date with the latest algorithm changes and conduct SEO experiments to find solutions to crack each algorithm update. Our skills are unmatched, and we know how this industry works in and out from all we have seen in the past 7 years working on SEO, right from the days where keyword stuffing would rank you overnight to now where people turn to advanced black hat techniques like Private Blog Networks and SEO audits to Google Penalty Recovery.
We are based out of Mumbai and have worked with 30+ local businesses from Mumbai on SEO and helping them rank their sites.

No SEO Packages! Get Customised solutions

SEO isn’t one size fits all; it has to be customised to your needs depending on the performance and trajectory of your site that we come up with post analysing your project. If anyone sells you SEO as a package, it’s most likely not work.
SEO is complicated! There are 100s of factors based on which your site will either rank or tank. You need an analytical approach that we provide, creating bespoke search engine optimisation solutions.

No matter how good or bad your website is built and whether it is a website developed on WordPress or a website built on Shopify we, Baclinc services them all with expertise.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a web page or website to get a top ranking on a search engine.

Does my website really need SEO?

For a business, the secret to getting more customers is to get higher on search engines. Search engines like Google make this happen by sending tons of people to your website. When people search and your website shows up, they will visit your website, and thus it increases the chance of them being your potential customer..

How does SEO work?

When search engines like google try to figure out which websites should show up in their list of results, they look at three things: which websites are the most important (authority), which websites have things that are very interesting for people to find (relevancy), and which websites are most accessible for them to see (crawlability). SEO helps in improving all of these factors to make your website rank higher.

How much time will it take to rank my website?

SEO is a time taking process and you have to be patient to see the results. It generally depends on the keyword and the industry that we’re trying to rank for but a general timeline would be 6-8 months. As the best SEO Agency in Mumbai, we follow the timelines and make sure you do get results in the committed timeframe. We’re a different kind of SEO agency and we will make sure to get you results because we want to stand true to our title of being the Best SEO in Mumbai.

What is Baclinc's approach towards client SEO?

We have a unique approach towards SEO while working with our clients that focuses on all three, Website Fundamentals, Content and backlinks. As an SEO agency, Baclinc follows set processes and mange projects using custom dashboards that we have built to provide a seamless experience to our clients.

Why should I get SEO services for my business?

SEO is the most underrated tool that most businesses ignore, everyone searches for their problems in Google and if your business solves a problem, You should be ranking on Google so that your customers can find you. SEO Services will give you a multitude of results and build your brand organically giving you limitless leads, sales and business.