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Master Guide to Make Money on Playlist Push

If you are into music, then you already know about Playlist Push. Playlist Push is a young and innovative portal that connects music artists with playlist curators so that they can reach out to larger audiences with their music. So for those of you who love and curate playlists, Playlist Push is an excellent option where you not only get a chance to discover new talent, but you also get paid to review music that is submitted on the portal. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you started with how you can make money with Playlist Push.

Make money online by reviewing music

If you are a playlist curator, with a large number of followers then you can sign up with Playlist Push, and given the number of your playlists and playlist followers, you can also qualify as a reviewer. And if you do, then Playlist Push pays up to $12 for reviewing a single song. Isn’t that simply awesome? So, get rolling if you have great playlists and make money online by reviewing songs that are pushed online by sharing your reviews.

Become an Affiliate Partner with Playlist Push

If you are already a member of Playlist Push, then you can also make money online by signing up for their ‘Affiliate & Referral’ program. With their affiliate marketing program, they encourage you to refer budding artists as well as music curators and earn through your referrals. All you need to do is log in to your Playlist Push account and visit your referral page section. Your referral page will guide you with clear instructions about how you can go about driving referrals through your login.

Make money online by referring Artists

On your Playlist Push login, on the referral page, you will see that there is a link, unique to your login, which you can share with artists to encourage them to sign up on Playlist Push.

With this link, you will earn a 10% commission on the first campaign’s earnings of your referred artist. Isn’t that cool? Not only does your referral benefit from this program but it also yields income, helping you make money with Playlist Push.

To encourage your referred artists to not only sign up but to also try out a campaign, Playlist Push offers its members a discount coupon or code for new artists who sign up. With this coupon code, not only does your referred artist get a 7.5% discount on his first campaign but you get a cool 7.5% commission on the campaign value too. Beat that!

So, if you are a playlist curator already, then here’s your chance to make money with Playlist Push, by driving referrals from Artists who aren’t members yet.

Make money online by referring other Curators

As a playlist curator with Playlist Push, you can even earn money by referring your curator pals. Once again, if you visit your referral page, you will notice a ‘Refer a Curator’ link as well. Use this in your emails and/or signature encouraging fellow playlist curators to join Playlist Push, so that they too can come across new artists and discover new stuff, which they can include in their playlists helping those artists reach larger audiences and make money online. What’s more? You make a cool 10% commission on the earnings of the first three months of your referred curator. This surely is a great way to make money with Playlist Push.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and join Playlist Push today. If you have great playlists on Spotify and YouTube, with substantial followers, then get rolling and begin with your journey to make money with Playlist Push.