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Narrate Audiobooks to Make Money Online

Today, we are going to tell you how you can make money online if you have a good diction and a great voice. Yes, no qualifications or degrees needed, just a bold voice that sounds good after being recorded. Recent trends over the last several years indicate that there is a potential market for audiobooks, especially with a lot of people nowadays being on the move and not always being able to do screen watching, audiobooks are growing in demand just like music. So, today we will tell you how you can make money as an Audiobook Narrator.

So, those of you who feel you have a powerful voice coupled with impressive intonation, and then you can make money as an Audiobook Narrator. Audiobooks are available for a wide variety of reads, whether these are stories or about management or disciplines. People find audiobooks better compared to conventional reading, as audiobooks can evoke much stronger feelings and relate emotionally. Moreover, audiobooks are pretty convenient and help you get done with a book faster than reading. So if you think you are made of that material, then here’s what you need to get started as an audiobook narrator and make money online.

1. Ready your Voice

If you feel you have a great voice, then start gauging it by doing some initial recordings. You don’t need anything fancy and can simply start by using your Smartphone. Readout a passage or more from some novel especially where there are dialogues and see if you can emote according to the characters. After some recordings, you will be able to assess where you need to step up on volume, pitch, pace, or tone. After good practice, you should be ready; to begin with, your initial projects and make money as an Audiobook Narrator.

2. Identify your workspace

Before you want to begin to make money as an Audiobook Narrator, you must identify the most appropriate workspace where you can do your voice recording. You surely want to eliminate disturbances and stay away from areas of your home where noises or voices are frequent. So, identify a place or a room with optimal acoustics and begin with your audio recordings there. You also should tell your family members about your recording schedules beforehand so that your recording instance is not disrupted midway.

3. Get effective voice recording gear

So, once you are in form, the bare minimum equipment you need would be a recorder (this can be through your phone or even audio recording software on your laptop) and a mic. A good set of headphones or earphones with a mic have given great audio output; so do consider investing in one – nothing expensive but something from a reliable and decent brand. Besides just good mic and computer, you will also find the following tools helpful in delivering great audio output, which will help you make money as an Audiobook Narrator.

Filter/Screen – consider having a thin/delicate weave filter or screen between your mouth and the mic. There are two benefits you get from this. Firstly, the filter will soften any sharp bursts of sounds that get produced when your speech carries certain consonants like t, d, b, and p. Another benefit is it will protect your mic from spittle in case of such accidental incidences.

Electronic Reader – prefer e-readers or maybe a Kindle (Smartphones too are an option, however, they have reduced screen size) when you are reading to record. You surely don’t want sounds of paper flipping, turning or crunching, getting into the audio when you are recording. Tablets and e-readers are a great bet if you want to make money as an Audiobook Narrator.

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Once you have set yourself up with the above tips, you should be able to commence your journey as an audiobook narrator and make money online. ‘Record about half a dozen audio files from different genres of reads, which you will find handy to share with companies or publishers seeking to create audiobooks. You can visit sites like ACX.com which are dedicated to publishing audiobooks and can sign up for free. You can also get audiobook narration projects on freelance marketplaces like Freelancer.com and Upwork.com where you can bid for audiobook projects and make money as an Audiobook Narrator.