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Learn to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

Today, we will share how you can earn and make money online without leaving your house. Yes, you heard that right! You can earn $25 an hour as a Virtual Assistant, if you have the right skills. But what kind of skills are we talking about here? If you can take care someone’s business support functions, by helping them online with it, then there is good scope for you to make money as a Virtual Assistant. If you want to become a well-paid virtual assistant, then you need to work on your online computing skills and have sound knowledge of common workplace applications; you also will need good organizing skills as well as effective communication skills. Armed with the right skill set, you can easily make money as a Virtual Assistant. Let’s understand how.

  • Administration

A whole lot of business work is purely administrative where you have to maintain files, logs and do certain tasks on a regular basis. In fact, the role of an assistant started with helping out with typical administrative jobs such as booking appointments, managing a calendar, doing travel arrangements, preparing documents and presentations, data entry and much more. Depending upon the nature of the business there are several areas in which you can help out and make money as a Virtual Assistant.

  • Customer Service and Management

One critical area where a virtual assistant comes handy is managing prospects and customers. Right from answering incoming calls and inquiries, to sharing information or resolving customer issues, a virtual assistant can manage it all and make money online. In quite some types of businesses, especially retail, where the volume of calls/inquiries is substantial, a virtual assistant can earn very well by managing customers for that business.

  • Digital Presence Management

A lot many businesses need regular help with their social media management. Managing online presences like Facebook posts, Instagram accounts, LinkedIn posts, SEO, etc. can be a substantial task. As a virtual assistant you can help entrepreneurs and small companies with their online presence and digital reach, and make money online. So if you are great with social media, then you can offer your expertise and make money as a Virtual Assistant.

  • Content Management

Many companies need help with creation of information/literature when they launch new products or upgrade existing ones. Creating content for company products/services is another avenue for a virtual assistant to make money online. Right from digital creatives to soft flyers and brochures, there’s a whole lot you can do and make money as a Virtual Assistant.

  • Email Management

Many senior executives and businessmen need help with their mailboxes. When the volume of mails is huge, it often becomes challenging to respond to all effectively in the same day. To avoid such undesirable time lags in responding, people often hire virtual assistants to manage their mailboxes. As a virtual assistant you can sort their mail, prioritize messages and see which needed to be actioned the earliest. Urgent and important mails can be brought to the attention of your employer and resolution can be faster. This way you can easily make money online.

So, depending upon your area of specialization and skill sets, you can offer your services as a virtual assistant to companies/businesses/professionals and make money as a Virtual Assistant. The best ways for you to scout for potential opportunities as a virtual assistant are on online freelance marketplaces like Freelancer.com, Fiverr.com, Upwork.com. Often online groups on Facebook and LinkedIn also post member requirements and you can make money online by applying to those as well. Just ensure you are good with some essential skills and internet savvy and there is a whole avenue of how you can offer your services as a virtual assistant, earning $25 per hour and upwards.