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Make Money By Selling Domains

While you might not have thought about it, many smart people who have good business foresight and predicting capabilities can make money by selling domain names. Yes, you got that right! One can make awesome money by stocking domain names and then selling them later, at marked-up prices, and make a profit.

So, how do we make money online? What kind of domains do you need to buy? Is there some strategy or do you pick bulk domain names? How do you price it? And most importantly, how do you sell these to the public and get the price you are seeking? Let’s understand the nuances of planned buying and selling of domain names so that you can make handsome money online. This article will show you how you can make money by selling domain names.

1.    Zero down on specific category of domain names

Just because this enterprise seems highly promising and profitable doesn’t mean that you land up making uncalculated and random bulk domain purchases. Before bulk domains, you need to invest some time thinking of the sector or business that you would like to concentrate on so that you ultimately make money by selling domain names.

Don’t go Ad Hoc and buy domains because they are coming cheap, rather zero down on upcoming and growing businesses or innovative startups that you see doing well and then think of domain name/name combinations that you feel hold high potential for the future. Once you have decided which sectors you would focus on, then plan the domain names and make bulk purchases, with maximum extensions (esp. the new and trending styles). This is your first step in trying to make money online, this way.

2.    Selecting names that hold high potential value

You must try to come up with the optimal name or name combinations for your bulk domain purchase. What this needs is, for you to understand your sector very well and design name combinations that will work well in the intended buyer circle. For example, let’s say one of your chosen sectors is playschools.

Now you may want to look at options like tiny-tots.com, littleones.com, littlechamps.co, etc. and then procure bulk domains with varied extensions, which you may want to filter based on the kind of demand you see in the marketplace. This filtration will help you make money by selling domain names of the buyer’s choice.

3.    Check whether domain names are available

Once you have frozen on your list of domain names, the next thing to go for is bulk registration of these chosen domain names. The bulk registration feature allows you to buy right up to 500 names, in most of the world’s leading hosting companies.

So you just need to input your choice of domain names in the search field provided by the domain seller and then procure these domain names, to make money by selling domain names. In case you find some of the domain names aren’t available, then you can also avail of the ‘Backorder’ service, which allows you to procure the unavailable domain name once its current term expires and it is available, and you can make money online then.

4.    Domain Pricing Strategy

Now that you have procured your domain names, how do you go about doing the most important thing? Their pricing, of course! Well, firstly if you are not planning to sell them right away then you might want to mark them up slightly than the levels you purchased them at. Having done that, you could consider the following pricing strategies, to make money by selling domain names.

Competitive Pricing – compare each domain name with similar names in the marketplace and you could choose to price them accordingly so that your pricing remains competitive, and you make money online.

Auction Bidding – participate in domain auctions by leading domain auctioneers like Sedo.com, SnapNames.com, NameJet.com. List your domain name(s) there and definitely, you stand to get better returns, as you sell it to the highest bidder.

Directly approaching the Buyer – If you are technically savvy, with a bit of marketing experience, then you might also be able to approach prospective buyers, with a string of domain names you own, especially if you can show them why they should be buying your domain names. The more unique your domain names, coupled with your value proposition, and good web development to the respective buyer, better are your chances of getting the price you ask for and make money online.

5.    Where do you position your domains?

Now that you are done with choosing, procuring, and pricing your domain names, the next and ultimate step to any business is how to get people to buy? Well, the answer lies with you again. Which domain name registrar did you buy from? Which other such companies do you consider safe to buy domains from?

The answer is from a trustworthy and certified source. Well, you need to do the same, to be able to make money by selling domain names. List your domains with domain sellers who have sound standing, are certified and can be relied upon. You don’t want to list with companies you have not heard much about.

At the end of the day, you want to be paid right? Your domain buyer also wants to make an authentic purchase from a trusted site. So, think from the perspective of both – the buyer and the seller and accordingly make a knowledgeable choice.

Initially, it might appear to be challenging but once you understand to pick on select sectors and businesses, making money online by selling domain names, might not be that difficult. On the contrary, it can land up making handsome money for you, through intelligent sales of domain names.