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Guide to Make Money as a Micro-Influencer

Today, we are going to tell you how you can make money online as a micro-influencer. What’s that? Well, a micro-influencer is a person with a strong online presence and the ability to influence people’s minds towards a concept or product. A micro-influencer is called thus, because of the power of his online presence of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and others. People who are micro-influencers are typically rich in their experience or have expertise in a given niche – say something like fashion, sports, education, etc. Given that background, it is highly plausible that online audiences get influenced by just their presence and their views on a given product/service, which is how you make money as a Micro-Influencer. Some typical micro-influencers if you may, are celebrities, sports/fitness icons, actors, artists, social workers, and others (depending on what is being put across online).

If you happen to have a blog and have a substantial volume of followers with some good SEO strategy, then you stand a highly probable chance of being able to make money online as a micro-influencer. A micro-influencer has typical traits of leading audiences with his/her thoughts, views, and suggestions. And depending upon how these expressions click with audiences, they often follow those they are impressed with. Your journey to becoming a micro-influencer begins with the size of followership you have, which will help you make money as a Micro-Influencer. If you are getting or already there, then here are some tips with which you can commence on your journey to becoming a micro-influencer.

1. What do you want to talk about? Select your niche.

If you have a good following online, then it is because people find your thoughts and expressions about a given topic appealing. So, your first step towards turning into a micro-influencer should be to consolidate on a niche. Pick an area you are strong and confident about so that you can make money as a Micro-Influencer. When you write about topics in your niche, people should look forward to your updates.

2. Pick your social media platform

Micro-influencers generally prefer to operate on one or two specific platforms, given the nature of their content – more visual or more text-oriented. Also, what type of audience is your content aimed at? Ask yourself the following questions –

* What type of content can I easily create?

* Who am I trying to influence?

* Will my target audiences like more of reading or viewing?

* Which platform is trending for my type of content on the internet?

Once you have answers to the above it will be easier for you to make and freeze your choice about the optimal social media platform for influencing and to make money as a Micro-Influencer.

3. Work up great content

Think well about how you want to portray your content. If you want to make money as a Micro-Influencer, come up with a content strategy and outline, to begin with. Think of how long you want your write-up or audio or video to be. What will your points of emphasis be? Powerful micro-influencers today command their position because they could well balance the need to give their audience unbiased and interesting information, and also gradually shared their views on the same. They, therefore, have created a personality or a brand for themselves in their audiences’ minds. This is how micro-influencers make money online.

4. Adapt your content to the chosen platform

Depending upon how your content has been created, adapt it appropriately to select online social platforms. Instagram and Pinterest are great for image posts, whereas Facebook and LinkedIn can be chosen for elaborate storytelling and probably YouTube and TikTok for videos, to make money online. So, no matter what content you create, just ensure you adapt it right for the selected social media platform otherwise despite great content you will not be able to reach out to audiences.

So, these are some great tips for you to become a micro-influencer and make money online. You begin with gathering followers on your online social media platforms and keeping them engaged with your area of expertise. Based on your subscriber base, you will often get contacted by companies who think you have the right set of audiences for their products and services. What better way to promote consumer products/services than to receive mention or have a demonstration through a micro-influencer’s social posts? Go ahead and try your hand at making money as a Micro-Influencer.