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Translate to Make Money Online | Complete Guide

For those who know multiple languages and can translate from one language to another, there is a good demand for translation services and you can make money by becoming a translator online. All you need is a great internet connection and of course good fluency in languages you intend to translate to. While English is a universal language, not everyone prefers reading in English. Often, people have preferences for their native language and would feel more engaged when they read in their preferred language. That is how the demand for translation services emerged – giving you a great opportunity to make money online.

How can you monetize your language translation skills?

First things first, if you want to make money online with translation services, then you need to be fluent in the chosen languages. Only great fluency will help you translate easily from one language to another. So if you are fluent in multiple languages, read on to understand how you can make money by becoming a translator online. As a freelance online translator, you are paid per word and that’s how you can easily make money online.

  • Freelancer.com

As a freelance translator, you can sign up on Freelancer.com which is a popular freelance marketplace. Besides several freelance jobs/tasks that it posts on its portal, it also has substantial language translation projects. Simply create your profile and ensure you highlight your skills. Freelancer notifies you via email whenever people post projects matching your skills. So, if you are great at translating then you could qualify for several of the translation projects Freelancer posts online, which typically pay you $25 upwards per script or article.

  • Upwork.com

Another upcoming freelance marketplace that’s going popular with freelancers is Upwork.com. Similar to Freelancer.com Upwork.com too posts projects from different organizations and people, seeking freelance services. One of the project areas being translation services, you can make money online with your translation skills. Simply register yourself and complete your profile with them and start bidding on translation projects to make money by becoming a translator online.

  • TranslatorsBase.com

Dedicated only to translation services, this portal is a great option if you are wanting to make money by becoming a translator online. In fact, just within the area of translation, there’s a variety of projects you could find, such as, proofreading and editing, script-writing, translating text or voice translations. So, TranslatorsBase.com is THE place you want to go to if you want to make money online with your translation skills.

  • OneHourTranslation.com

Another dedicated translation services site is OneHourTranslation.com, which boasts of being a one-stop destination of translation services. Simply join their team and you will discover how you can make money by becoming a translator online. Not only do they offer a wide variety of languages but they rank as industry leaders in the translation services area. They offer attractive remuneration, beginning with $9 per word and you can easily make money online as a freelance translator.

  • Approach popular companies and bloggers

Smart freelancers can also approach consumer companies as well as popular bloggers who keep writing great articles or who keep uploading interesting videos and offer translation services to widen their audience reach. You can approach them through their LinkedIn page or even Facebook page where you can drop a message stating your specialization as a translator and even pitching the translation idea to them after doing some market study and showing them reach out potential.

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So, if you are great with languages, then here’s your opportunity to make money by becoming a translator online. You can sign up in the translation portals we have recommended and trust us, you will make money online easily. Good luck with translating!