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Top 5 Transcription Services to Make Money Online

Today, we are going to share yet another interesting way where you can easily make money online. If you happen to have good listening skills and can listen to audio files and convert them to text, then you can make money with transcription service! Yes, it is really simple that way. All you need to keep in mind is that you have commendable listening and typing skills as well so that you can begin typing almost as quickly as you listen to the audio. Of course, you can always rewind and listen to your audio files again but you will realize that over a while, you get adept at typing almost as quickly as you listen to the required audio files. Some people work by pausing their audio file everything now and then till the finish the entire transcription bit by bit.

So, whichever way you decide to do it, transcribing is not something that you can conquer overnight, it needs practice, to make money online. Especially, you need to be patient with listening and repetitive listening at that. So, since this is the major skill you need, you can begin offering transcription services even without any prior experience. Listen on to understand how you can make money with transcription service.

1. GoTranscript

If this is something you are a beginner at, then you might want to consider GoTranscript which is a transcription company known for hiring absolute freshers. All that is needed as a pre-requisite is, you need to have good English language skills. This is one of those companies who will also care to give you constructive feedback regularly, helping you build up in your journey as a transcriptionist, so that you can make money online. Once aboard, you can begin to make money with transcription service, with a minimum of $0.40 per minute.

2. Scribie

Another brand that takes on freshers is Scribie. However, they do subject you to online tests with some minimum thresholds. Their online system is super quick and easy and they give you feedback if your submission is under review or doesn’t pass through. Scribie pays in the range of $10/audio hour, which means that if you listen to audio files of a duration of an hour and transcribe that, then you make $10. So, it makes sense not only to have accuracy but also good typing speed, if you want to make money with transcription service.

3. Focus Forward

Focus Forward is another popular transcribing services company. Even they take on beginners without any prior experience. However, they do assess you before signing you up. Once you have passed their transcription assessment, you can begin with earning a minimum of $0.40 per audio minute and start to make money online.

4. Terescription

If you are a regular viewer of TV soaps, Ads, Entertainment shows, and the types, then you consider taking up transcription assignments with Terescription which does bulk work with these segments by way of Ads and other promotional stuff that needs transcribing. Not only are these audio files easier as compared to other transcription services but it makes faster transcribing possible. An awesome way for you to make money with transcription service.

5. TranscribeMe

This is one industry leader in transcription services and you can make money online easily. As such, they pay superior comparatively. In fact, TranscribeMe pays its transcribers anywhere $15 per audio hour upwards and experienced transcribers can also opt for the higher paying tasks which either are more challenging by nature (i.e. medical, legal, and the types) or tasks with shorter than usual deadlines. In fact, experienced transcriptionists are known to make anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000 depending on their expertise and accuracy.

So, depending on your current experience levels, go ahead and evaluate these companies above and register with them, to make money online. As shared there are brief assessments you need to undertake however, once you are on, then there are several tasks that can come your way, helping you make money with transcription service. So, sign up today and watch your earnings grow.