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Learn to Sell Merch on Amazon and Make Money

Today, we’re going to tell you how you can make money with Merch by Amazon. If you have the creative streak and have really cool ideas for T-Shirts, then you just can’t miss out on Merch by Amazon – a print-on-demand service for custom T-Shirts and Shirts. So if you are a creative genius then here’s a golden opportunity for you to make money online with Merch by Amazon. Considering that this is a print-on-demand service, there are no upfront costs you face. All you need to ensure is that you keep your creativity flowing and make money online from it eventually.

  • Great Design pays off

Considering that you don’t need to own the T-Shirts and stock them with Amazon, there are zero costs involved when you sign up for a Merch account with Amazon. All you have to ensure is your designs need to be catchy. So how do you go about it? Having awesome T-Shirt designs that catch attention will surely help you make money with Merch by Amazon.

  • Learn Design Skills….Naaah

While you need great designs that will fly off with online audiences, you surely don’t need to have design skills for this gig. What you need rather is an observant eye. Yes, keep looking out for what’s selling and what’s in demand. So, so long as you have basic design software (even freeware will work great), you can create design after design, to make money online with your Merch by Amazon account.

  • Be Creative. Be Smart.

It’s not only creativity that always sells. Often you need to be an opportunist too if you want to make money online. Keep a track of what’s trending – in fashion, in sports, in seasons, etc. For example, if there’s a piece of recent news you noticed on climate change and campaigns are being conducted around that, then you come up with designs aimed at nature protection and conservation. Create designs that are in demand so that you can make money with Merch by Amazon. Check out what’s trending on Amazon and other bit e-commerce platforms and you definitely will get several hints over the places you check out.

  • Upload your art to your Merch Account

After you are through with creating your artwork, you need to simply upload this on your Merch account where you can then select the type of T-Shirt, colour, and but of course the price you’d like to ask for it. That’s not all. To be able to reach out effectively to online audiences and to make money with Merch by Amazon, you need to brand your T-Shirt right (think of something unique and catchy), come up with a user-friendly product title as well as a product description. It’s this that will get you visitors, online leading to probable sales helping you make money online.

  • Be Original

One thing that you definitely need to know is that Amazon does not entertain designers who copy. Yes! They surely don’t want copyright suits being slammed on them and therefore are quick at spotting copied artwork. In that case, they ban the designer completely. You want to make sure you don’t take a hit there and hence it’s best you stick to being an original in your designs if you want to make money with Merch by Amazon. You can also rank your art on amazon by using SEO for amazon to boost your sales.

If you take care of the above points, then you are fairly geared up to begin your journey with Merch. Just pay heed to their list of Don’ts (there is a comprehensive one) and ensure that your designs don’t go against any of the listed policies on Merch. With all of this in place, you can go ahead and make money online with your Merch account. Simply generate designs with great taste and watch your earnings grow and you will make money with Merch by Amazon.