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Complete Guide to make money from Instagram

Hey you, social media pros! Are you interested in make money online? Ever considered monetizing your Instagram pics and images? With over a billion users, Instagram is one of the world’s leading social media sites that you don’t want to miss out on. Most you are so engrossed and impressed with, what you get to see on Instagram that you eventually end up spending – your time or your money or both! Has it ever tempted you to be able to sell to audiences similarly and make money with Instagram Theme Pages?

If you are contemplating how to make money online from your posts on Instagram, then bang on, you definitely should go for it, especially if you a well-versed Instagramer and know your way about reaching and influencing people online. Just like maybe bloggers or YouTubers with impressive follower volumes make hordes of money, by influencing people online, you too can cash in on your followers’ circle, by influencing them to take an action – sign up or buy a product or service. And voilà, as an Instagram influencer, you eventually make money with Instagram Theme Pages. Let’s talk about how.

Focusing on a niche and building an appealing theme

To make money online as an Instagram influencer, your first step would be to identify a subject or a niche that you are a pro at and then you need to design a theme on your Instagram page, which harbors your niche. Spend quality time researching what is it that you want to be sharing. What theme will be attractive enough to help you make money online? A good study will probably throw up potential options that you could explore and begin your journey to make money with Instagram Theme Pages.

Develop, enrich content and grow your followers

Instagram is all about reach and influence. If you observe your patterns on Instagram, you will see that you follow quite some pages/people and are regular about visiting these or patronizing the ones you are impressed with. What makes you do that? Well, if not for the impressive and influential content presented to you, you definitely won’t be a regular visitor right? Likewise, if you want to make money online, you need to develop content that not only identifies with your chosen theme but also keep adding new and impressive content and gradually increase your followers. To make money online through your Instagram Theme page, you need to have substantial followers who can be potential customers for products/services you eventually want to promote and you will witness how to make money with Instagram Theme Pages.

Connect with potential Brands

Based on your Instagram page theme, your next step should be to scout for potential brands that you can approach for a possible partnership on a revenue-sharing basis. Often, when your Instagram page followers keep growing larger and larger, you will automatically keep getting messages from companies and brands to promote their products on your Instagram page. However, something that you want to be careful about is, a conscious choice of such brand partners, if you want to make money with Instagram Theme Pages. Let’s say you are a fashionista, then, you might want to be selective about which brands to promote if you want to make money online. You definitely should partner with fashion labels and designer wear, however, if you choose to partner with brands outside of that, for example – Samsung or some herbal tea brand, then you might want to connect it with your theme before promoting such products randomly.

Consider Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

One way to earn through affiliate marketing is making a website, ranking on Google through SEO, and making money. Another way is through social media, more preferably Instagram.

Initially, you might find it difficult to partner with desirable brands (the big ones), to make money online. So, to get a hang of it, you might want to be an affiliate marketer through your Instagram page. It’s fairly simple and easy. There are several affiliate marketing networks the world over and you might want to create a couple of accounts with different affiliation providers. Affiliate networks like Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, etc. give you their product links and widgets that you can incorporate in your Instagram page and help you make money with Instagram Theme Pages. Given the above example of a fashionista Instagramer, having a good fan following, you definitely can put in product widgets of fashion products – dresses, shoes, accessories, you name it…..and depending upon how attractive your Instagram post about that product is, you can land up cashing on it big time.

Sell your Stuff

Here’s the cash-cow of it all. If you know your way well around with Instagram and have a fan following of considerable size (1000+), you can very well create your shop on Instagram. Yes! Just think of it, as a fashionista, you could come up with your label of apparels, accessories, and jewelry if you can handle it. And the best part is – not only do you make money with Instagram Theme Pages, but you keep what you get. Since this is your shop, revenue-sharing isn’t a bother anymore. So, all you entrepreneurs out there, what’s stopping you? Get online and get rolling.

No matter what type of monetizing avenues you prefer, what you need to keep in mind is just two simple things – creative, impressive content, and a continuous, growing audience of followers. So long as you ensure these, you can successfully make money with Instagram Theme Pages.