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Make Money by Blogging | The Easy Way

Hey there, are you an avid blogger? If yes, then you can make money online from your blogging prowess. All that you need to do is choose a topic wisely and a niche that you are confident and can write attractively about and you can make money by starting a niche blog.

While blogs were initially started as a way of writing personal online diaries, today they have evolved to accommodate not just personal experiences of the writer but to talk about hobbies and specific areas of interest. So, today blogs are about a given subject matter and how every post revolves around that subject matter. In fact, smart bloggers today monetize their niche blog and are thrilled to do so, almost with every post that make on their blog.

Tips on how to make money by starting a niche blog

We are now going to share with you several ways in which you can make money online, with your blogging. Focus on a niche and then become creative with how you can grow your blog followers and readers.

  • Pick your Niche. Grow your readers.

It’s critical that you identify a niche that is appealing and entertaining. Be it on gardening, managing finances, beauty tips, fitness, etc… whatever you decide, you need to be sure that you can do exceptionally well in it and you have the skill to come up with variety in your posts, that will engage and grow your audiences. It is only when you have good amount of readers that you can think about how tomake money online with your niche blog.

  • Monetizing with Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest ways to make money by starting a niche blog, is to become an affiliate marketer. There are several popular affiliate networks you can consider joining, to make money online. Once you have done so, you can then promote affiliate product links and widget through your blog posts, provided you keep these relevant to your niche. If your blog is on fitness, then you could promote several products related to fitness – right from fitness equipment, apparels to dietary supplements. For every sale that happens through the links on your blog you get a percentage on the sale value.

  • Promoting Company Ads

Popular niche blogs also sell ad space to companies. Depending upon how active your blog is as well as your blog’s follower strength, you can approach Ad agencies or even companies directly to sell ad space. So to make money by starting a niche blog, you can easily do so by promoting company ads on your blog.

  • Sponsored Posts

Very similar to selling ad space, you could also get companies to sponsor posts on your blog, where you can endorse their products or authentically share your experience of their product/service in a natural manner, without it looking like a promotion. This happens to be one the best ways to convince people to buy the sponsored product, especially when it is not hard sold to the audiences; a fantastic way to make money by starting a niche blog.

  • Selling your own Products/Services

Yet another way to capitalize your niche blog and make money online, is by promoting your own products/services. Depending on your niche, you have ample scope of creating your own products – customized items or fresh creations that go with the theme of your niche. You could also offer services related to your niche – maybe consulting or end-to-end management. Once again if we consider the fitness blog example, then you can create your own diet plans and recipes, which can feature in your blog and then you can sell homemade products and premixes online, helping you make money online.

You can try any one or all of the above to make money by starting a niche blog. Just ensure your niche is entertaining and engaging and gradually, with the help of your followers, not only can you make money online but you can become popular in your niche.