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How to Make Money on Udemy | Beginners Guide

Hey folks! Today, we’re going to tell you how you can make money online if have content and would like to share it. Almost anyone who surfs online knows Udemy and for those of you who don’t, Udemy is one of the world’s largest online learning and teaching marketplace, having over 50 million learner base and over 50,000 learning facilitators. So, if you are wondering how is this beneficial to you? Well, it’s simple. If you have content and can spin it into a learnable and value-adding format, then you can become an instructor too. Yes! That’s it. Now, maybe it does not sound all that simple to you, but that why you’re here to understand how you can make money with Udemy. It doesn’t take much. Listen on!

1. Become Knowledgeable

To begin with, to offer any course under the sun, you first need to have a thorough knowledge of your chosen topic. So, if you are an SEO specialist then you have to take pains to know comprehensively about your area i.e. marketing. To make money online, spend time understanding what is the latest that is happening in marketing. How are things different now from how they were before? What new trends do you observe? To make money with Udemy, you first need to be competent in your area of specialization so that you consider becoming an instructor.

2. Draw up a Course Structure/Plan

Before even you start to make money online with courses, you need to have substantial grip and rich content on your chosen topic; your next step should be to draw up a structure for your course. What all do you plan to cover? How much content for each sub-topic? Estimate the time for each sub-topic and this way you will be able to arrive at an approximate total duration. Now, each of the sub-topics needs strong and effective preparation. To be able to make money with Udemy, your course has to be well-curated so that it starts selling.

3. Design your course well

If you need your course to get good reviews, then it has to be that appealing to your audiences. First, you need to come up with an attractive title for your program/course, so that it shows up in the searches of prospective students easily. Besides the title, please also tag your course effectively; categorize it appropriately so that it features in optimal categories, increasing the chances of being found so that you can make money with Udemy.

Plan the content well – the best way to do it is a combination of videos and slides include whiteboard animation (it’s easy and attractive, doesn’t cost much and several sites are offering free or low-cost options). A well-designed course naturally gets great reviews and surely when you are selecting a cost-effective online course, the first thing you would check if you were buying it is, of course, the review ratings it has. Higher the review score, the higher the chances of your course getting purchased by visitors and for you to make money online. Once you have given it your best shot, submit it online at Udemy.com by applying as a Premium Instructor, so that it can get reviewed and published, so that you eventually make money with Udemy. Take care to price it competitively.

4. Getting Viewers & Subscribers

To make money online, you have to be able to reach out to audiences with what you got. There are quite some ways in which you can do this. You can reach out to your friends and known networks through email and also through other social platforms you are a part of e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, to make money online. One effective way to make money with Udemy is to catch attention by creating a 1-2 minutes teaser video where you can talk about what your course covers and how it benefits people. Embed a link to your Udemy course, and you should soon start seeing people visiting and enrolling in your Udemy course.

Initially, it might seem challenging to make money with Udemy, but over a while, you will be to churn benefits and will be making passive income from your Udemy course, without having to do anything with it. Leaves you plenty of time to get started on your next course and make money online. So, what are you waiting for?