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Make Money on kindle by Publishing eBooks

Attention all you writer bugs! If you have a knack for writing and writing fast, then here is one great opportunity for you to capitalize on your writing skills and make money online. If you are great at writing, then you can make money by writing and publishing eBooks on Kindle.

You surely know about Amazon’s kindle – yes, it’s an online book store. Well, a beautiful feature Amazon offers in its Kindle arm is KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), where you can upload your eBook and publish it all by yourself on Kindle. With the right strategies in place, you can even make money online, from the first day of publishing on Kindle. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

Tips for planning your eBooks for Kindle publishing & making money online

Amazon’s Kindle is a one-of-its-type feature which allows you to self-publish without much hassle. If you want to make money by writing eBooks for Kindle, then you need to plan your way to it. Keep listening while we guide you on how to go about it and make money online.

1. Identify your Niche

As a writer, you surely specialize in one or more areas/topics. Identify your niche and be confident about which areas/subject matter you choose to write about. If you lack expertise here, then naturally, your eBook will turn out to be a not-so-interesting read. So, if you want to make money online, you need to ensure that you compose an appealing and interesting read. Simply because you write well, don’t be a ‘Jack of all trades’ and compose many eBooks. Rather focus on your niche and you are sure to make money by writing eBooks for Kindle and find success gradually.

2. Analyze the Kindle Book Store

Once you have fixed your niche, you need to do some research and analysis to make money by writing eBooks for Kindle. Your eBook on Kindle will not simply sell by itself. So, you might want to explore several categories of eBooks, that Kindle offers and check out the best-selling books there. Note the names and the catchy titles as well as content. The best-selling books typically command a 3-digit rank on Kindle, moreover, these are priced comparatively high. If you want to make money online, your analysis should be along the following lines –

  • Is my writing competitive enough?
  • If my book ideal for best-seller category audiences?
  • What is my competition like?
  • Do I stand a chance to make money in this category or is it too crowded with similar eBooks?

Once you have done some basic research and analysis, the Kindle store will reveal several categories that are neither bestsellers nor overcrowded but have a moderate presence. Here is where your opportunity lies and you can easily make money by writing eBooks for Kindle. If you aren’t a known name, then you might find it tough to make money by publishing in the best-sellers category, even if you price it comparatively lower than similar eBooks. Discovering less crowded categories might give you the option to do far better; you can price your book fairly and then see how it appears in a given category – your chances to make money online this way are better, because these not-so-competitive categories have large audiences too.

3. Promoting your eBook on social platforms or using a website

Your published eBook on Kindle won’t sell by itself. If you want to make money by writing eBooks for Kindle, you need to share information and awareness of your eBook through digital avenues. Many writers typically have their blog which they use smartly and make money online – so you will surely benefit if you have one too. Spread awareness through posts on Facebook – to your network as well as through Facebook groups. You could tweet about the launch of your eBook and share the Kindle link for people to check it out. Likewise, with Instagram. Do as much as you possibly can to spread awareness through these free digital avenues and it will help you make money by writing eBooks for Kindle.

You can also start publishing your ebooks on your website and redirect your audience on your website to sell your ebook or simply rank your website using SEO.

4. Roll out initial offers. Get customer reviews.

To boost initial buying, you might want to consider offering prospects discount/special coupons so that they are strongly encouraged to complete that purchase. Also, follow up for your customer reviews, as this will help your eBook on Kindle and organically improve its rank and average review score.

If you follow the above steps diligently, you will definitely make money by writing eBooks for Kindle. With Kindle, you earn by way of royalty that is paid to you on every eBook sale that takes place. Not only will you earn money with every eBook sale, but you gradually start becoming popular too, if your eBook is compelling and a great read. Get started right away!